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2CB revolutionises in app calling. Our patented solution enables low cost, anonymous and secure calls.


Our easy to implement APIs & SDKs allow developers to quickly add scalable voice communications within their applications.


By utilising a users existing connectivity our APIs ensure the lowest possible cost base for in app calling.


Our voice solution makes privacy issues a thing of the past. By controlling all parts of the call, users personal details can be secured without adding layers of cost.


Because our technology can utilise both cellular and IP voice connections, your users need never be tied down when making calls.

Key Massage

Use cases

The Dating App

Provide privacy and security in the early stages of the dating process by allowing the daters to talk without exposing their numbers.

Peer to Peer Calling

Free App to app calling is a well established service, however when one or both sides of the call do not have good internet things grind to an inelegant halt. Now it’s easy enable App to App calling that doesn’t rely on the internet to work.

Online Car Sales

Allow buyers and sellers to talk easily without the need to provide phone numbers. This prevents spam calls and means once the seller has sold their car they won’t keep receiving unwanted calls.

Conference Calling

By utilising our timed call set up feature, all parties on a conference call can be connected automatically. This means no more waiting around for someone to join and no need to worry if any unwanted people are on the call.

Use cases
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